Welcome to the Forgotten Realms.

Having spent your life growing up on the Sword Coast of Faerun, you feel tied to the events and well being of the kingdoms which make up this land.

PCs must be of good alignment. Use the 4d6 take the best 3 for stats, re-rolling 1s. After you have rolled your 6 stats, you can place them where ever you want for your character. Core and Featured races are allowed. Core, Base and Hybrid classes are allowed.

Just in case you guys don’t realize it, I have linked the Pathfinder Online SRD for the races and classes above, but just in case you need that link again…Pathfinder Online SRD.

Don’t forget to create a character page once you’ve gotten your character created. You can make them in the characters section. Use the Pathfinder RPG Universal Sheet as the Dynamic Sheet Template.

Forgotten Realms

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